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>Server farm raid on the 8th(possibly a day earlier)
>Known CIA cyber warfare centers in the area, exact location of raid is not known though, so it may not have been obvious from property ties that the location was actually under CIA control. However it is more likely that it was known than that it wasn't.
>Possibly 5 US soldiers killed, ?? CIA disposables or foreign agents killed, 1 CIA officer killed(may not have been immediately identified)
>Haspel last seen alive for sure two days later on the 10th
>she was being summoned to mcconnells office, likely because of concerning or even incriminating evidence being discovered on the seized servers
>Haspel is now frozen out of presidential briefings as suspicion grows
>further analysis of servers indicates participation in fraud by upper echelons of the CIA or even Haspel herself
>plan to arrest Haspel is put into motion some time between the 10th and the 30th
>either the plan goes wrong and Haspel is killed in the attempt, she commits suicide in custody, or she is silenced before hand by ((others)).
>Powers That Be possibly sit on her body for an indeterminate period of time to fix details and separate her death chronologically from the server farm and freeze out memery leaked into the media
Thats my current conspiratard take, invite additional info though.

>many such cases popping up on twitter