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It's becoming clear to me now...

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I think I'm starting to see the actual strategy now...

Rudy brought his case directly to the legislatures to convince them that the election was not only stolen, but that their authority had been usurped by the executive and judicial branches of their respective states. He presented expert statistical analysis, thousands of sworn affidavits, dozens of examples of impropriety and cases where the law was straight up broken or subverted. It was never his goal to get a single state to the SCOTUS because one state would not be enough to change the results of the election, and it would take too much time to collect evidence, present it, and adjudicate it all. If the court couldn't overturn the results of the election, then they're not going to see the case because there's no point.

The problem is that presenting that evidence to the legislature is pointless unless they're able to convene a special session of congress to make a ruling on what to do with the electors... something only the governor, or 2/3 of the legislature can do. This is why Texas is filing suit along with the rest of the States joining in. They argue that the constitution was violated in that the executive and judicial branches of each respective state changed the rules of the election without the consent of the legislature, thus altering the result of the election in each state, thus altering the result of the entire election. The relief they're demanding is that each legislature convene and make a ruling on their own to decide whether they will accept the results of their elections, which Rudy has already convinced them was stolen.

See where this is going yet?