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December 10, 2020 Update: Okay anons, my legal analysis seemed appreciated yesterday with two, 300+ comment threads, so I will give an updated version, along with a timeline starting with today’s update. The rest of the Chronology (including yesterday’s analysis for today) are at the bottom. High effort post, so hopefully not wasting my time.

Chronology and Explanation:

December 10 - Wisconsin, Georgia, Penn., and Michigan all filed their opposition to Texas’s motion to file a Complaint today. As I expected, each defendant argued that Texas does not have standing in this case. The general argument is that Texas was not injured because defendants did NOT change their election laws in violation of their own state laws and constitution. Defendants cite lower court cases (including state Supreme Courts) that have ruled in their favor and said that election laws were changed legally. Defendants also note that Texas failed to plead their Equal Protection Clause cause of action properly because Texas did not define a subcategory of individuals affected by the allegations. Finally, defendants argue that injunctive relief is improper.

Pic related is the current status of the involved states as of today. 106 GOP Representatives have also joined the fray, along with several governors, state senators, City of Detroit, and others.