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Supreme Court.

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Trump does not give a fuck what the Supreme Court does, The Legislature does or that portion of the deep state that are traitors. If the Supreme Court had a pair it would be different but as I said all along the President is on the stage and walking to the podium for the third act. This will be speech that will define this country for the next 100 years. It is the speech he was born to deliver. He will expose the cowards, traitors and fellow travelers in the government and he will begin his speech by describing the actions of the traitorous Democrats in 1864. He has achieved ignition point for the American people and the Supreme Court just lit the fuse and it is glorious. By the way there are a lot of cheap imitators out there who suck nigger dick, or are nigger tier level Democrats just ignore them and remember they are mentally deficient and do not have a clue what is going on. The most important thing coming is the Radcliff report, which will talk to two major issues, that is the Frankfurt vote changing and the millions of ballots that were made in China and shipped to Chicago for distribution to criminals and democrats for insertion into the voting stream. You have never seen Trump as you are going to see him. Republicans and Democrats are both nigger tier level morons, criminals and thugs and that will become clear enough. Fuck all of them they should have gotten out of the Country and went fishing while they still could. Trump appears weak but he has the strongest hand and shortly he will play it. And fuck this I am going gambling.


Never forget we are all in a movie now and the trannies, the democrats, and Republicans are all going to suck hind tit when the third act is over. The American people have had it. The Supreme Court had their chance now fuck them too.