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>Be the Trump legal team.
>Spend November and half of December trying to expose the 2020 election fraud to various courts.
>These courts strangely denies your ability to present evidence.
>Georgia Sec of State strangely won't allow signature verification audit.
>Michigan Sec of State strangely won't allow the forensic analysis of Dominion voting machines to go public.
>Democrats mock and ignore 40+ hours of testimony in front of multiple state legislatures.
>Democrats have nothing to say regarding the statistical anomalies (Bobby Piton, The Federalist article, etc.).
>So on and so forth.
>Texas comes in last minute with a direct appeal to SCOTUS but is declined due to procedural issue.
>Mon 14 Dec 2020 comes and the Certified Electors cast their ballots. The MSM says: "It is finally over."
>But this vote is sealed in their home state until Wed 6 Jan 2021.