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Here’s what’s HAPPENING

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1. Trump, as required by EO 13484 is awaiting a report from DNI Ratcliffe—that report will most likely tell us there was foreign election interference (Yes we all know this).

2. Once the report comes out Trump has full justification to enact EO 13484, and the Insurrection Act, and begin arresting spies/traitors of this country, while also seizing their assets, and the assets of any company involved.

3. So, will a report of a LIST of foreign spies/traitors working in the US and for what companies/agencies break today or tomorrow? This would put significance in DNI Ratcliffe’s report.

4. On Monday 12-14 state officials officially certified their electors. Any person who certifies electors from/by fraudulent means is now 100% responsible for that certification and could be implicated under EO13484 and the Insurrection Act. This could include some Governors, Sec. of States and Soros’ AG.

......timing is everything.

It could be a good day to begin rounding up so many who are complicit in this coup including many within our government.

People wonder why Trump hasn’t fired people. Why fire when you may be able to arrest them, put them in prison, legally and without activist judges interference, and RICO?