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Think it's all over?

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Before the 23rd, you'll know that Trump will be finishing out his second term. The phone call came through. He does have access to military intelligence on a great deal of fuckery by top Democrats but regrettably a lot of Republicans he needs are involved as well.

Trump can upset the house of cards, but a vast number of people would have to go down for it to happen and it would dramatically destabilize the government.

Trump has a team at the Pentagon and increasingly at NSA and lower levels of the FBI. Upper levels of all agencies are almost all TeamObama or TeamClinton.

The fraud will be presented in the most undeniable way. Everyone will know and it will be done in such a way that we cannot move forward.

Sorry to Q this, but it won't be the courts. What do you do when about 65% of the government is agreeable to massive fraud? You know it will happen again and again.

Trump is going to drop some news that will have people shitting themselves. Major declassifications will come down. One or two former presidents will be in very hot water unless the elites back down and pressure Biden to concede.

Before December is over, Biden will give a very difficult speech addressing fraud and admitting that Trump won. He will cite irregularities, but not fraud. This will coincide with a flurry of prosecutions for lower-level people in the vote fraud operations of which there were 3 overlapping programs with former ACORN people and DNC activists.

This will be a messy Christmas. Cheer up, in 30 days Trump is sworn in again. There will also be a new chief justice.

But I'm not one to gossip, so you didn't hear it from me.

Q is bullshit. Corsi and Scavino are giving you the hints you need.