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FRENCH PIZZAGATE / PedoFrance exposed

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François Abello arrest & suicide death in Jakarta. I've been following and investigating this case like an autist since early july. (saved many screens that now disappeared)
applied strict internet surveillance of all associated websites & social network.. it's BAD (#AbelloFiles)


I came to the conclusion that AFMD/Photobest/videobest is a 100 % Freemason enterprise since its creation in 1996.
A legal shop window that the FR deep state has been using through the years to hide various illegal yet complementary activities including Blackmail, spying, racket, stealing public money, retro-commissions, pedopornography & trafficking)

The name "Photo-modeles-club" is registered trademark at INPI & it belongs to françois Abello, here's a website i found


it was mentioned a few years ago on a forum in a thread about photography & modeling in Paris. (initial purpose of the website i guess) Now the website only contains food pictures & photographic advices, no service is offered and nothing is for sale there.
There's a contact page though.

i suspect Abello used this page to take special orders. (I will Need anon haxorz to look seriously into this website. it's declared in Nassau Bahamas but it leads to the same internet company OVH in France that Abello used for his business websites)

www. Photobest.fr

TeamFsociety (french activists) is about to realease a thrilling video very soon, and it seems they found even more deep state connections.


Chances that Abello, who claimed many clients in the fashion world, never met Jean-Luc Brunel arrested this week are near ZERO

I tipped FBI in august