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A backup plan is in the works

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If things don't work out on January 6th, it isn't the end.

Let's face it- with spineless GOP Senate Leadership threatening to vote down objections and a Democrat controlled house, we can't count on congress to save us from China Joe.

I'm something of an insider. No larp, and not the swampcritter kind- I've been on DJT's side without hesitation since my boy Ted got destroyed, even when it wasn't politically convenient for me.

I've been in talks with state government officials over the past few days. Unlike congress, they have BALLS. There's a plan in the works, and when it hits, it will be absolutely explosive. Sweeping through red America one state at a time like dominoes. If congress doesn't do their job on the sixth, expect media and lib panic to hit previously unseen levels by the news cycle beginning Jan. 11 and escalate from there.

> Our wagon is the very best, the running gear is good;
> Stuffed 'round the sides with cotton, and made of Southern wood.
> Missouri is the driver, with Texas by her side,
> Mississippi holds the flag up, and we'll all take a ride.