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Trump going in raw

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Well ladies after his two most recent speeches and his last two tweets tonight do any of you trannies or nigger tier level democrats and thugs have any doubt. Told you it was coming. He knows everything and the ass raping he gives the Democrats and the niggers, and nigger tier level Democrats will be biblical. Shit he is even ass raping the Republican Party. Good for him. Now fuck all of you degenerate Democrats, Chinese Communist Pedophiles, and Deep State thugs in the ass and the folks that can still think have a Merry Christmas. The third act is here you glorious motherfuckers and well shit I will just hide out here and watch the shit shows of all shit shows and watch the hangings on ONN, since most of the the other networks will be shut down and Don Lemon will be hanging from a tree at the White House. What a time to be alive, and about my 40 million. Shit what a show. By the way I missed the Assange pardon by a few days but it is on and Assange is going to drop some truth bombs about Seth Rich. Shit this is funny.