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I have life changing information i need to get out /pol

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I figure i would drop this here because on a scale of 1-10 this is a 11 in terms of things you should be worried about.

I am a pathologist who works for a hybrid corporate/municipal infectious disease center in Hillsborough County Florida. What im about to tell you is absolute shocking.

As of a month ago we began receiving patient samples with strange respiratory ailment. Coughs that do not go away. We run them through the usual diagnosis and have been finding a preponderance of mold infections.

I mean we charted all this out and the increase since Since last year. We had 3 such cases in all of 2019 and so far this year we have over 100. We decided to dig in a little further. We requested patient charts and medical histories and found nothing out of the ordinary except....

These patients all had Covid..every single one test positive back in January/February and cleared off the disease (even if asymptomatic) .what was worse was they HAD as in past tense but upon admission to the hospital Polyeramase tests indicated they were positive again and that they had gotten better and now were sick again. We dug a little further and decided to check why this was happening so we took a look at the CD4+ and CD8 immune system analysis and what we found blew us out the water. All these patient had suppressed immune systems...in essence everyone of them had clinical AIDS (the condition caused by HIV) in that their immune systems had been so depressed that they were now falling ill to a simple fungus that grows on a roof shingle or blade of grass (Aspergillosis)

We have been urgently trying to reach out to higher authorities on this and cross checking with other labs (this is called IDCHECK) It appears Covid19 is actively attacking human immune system.

The timeline appears to be about 10-12 months in which the immune system is destroyed based on when these people test positive.

Do what you will with this. Bad things are coming if this is more widespread.