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QRD ON JAN 6TH - round 2

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no Q shit or hope here this is factual info

read the pic slowly cause if you reply with:
>pence can’t just choose who wins
>pence can’t throw out results
>you need both the house and senate to agree to the objection
>no one will object
>Pence is compromised and will give it to Biden
>anything involving the phrase “Supreme Court”
>anything implying Biden somehow wins
then you are too low IQ to understand a 2 paragraph image and 3 simple laws intersecting

as the pic explains, the EO & DNI report set a win/win trap where there are 2 outcomes: give the election to Trump, or give it to Biden officially making it an insurrection which immediately starts martial law via the insurrection act to arrest everyone and Trump stays in office

here’s an explanation of the EO and how it set wartime measures to allow the DNI to create this sting, and how the DNI report works:

https://youtu.be/HdNAelYNssM [Open]

if you are smart enough to understand this small amount of information then you’ll know that the dueling electors is irrelevant (just a backup), Pence doing anything is irrelevant (DNI report invalidates the electors to bring Biden under 270), the Supreme Court is not involved in any way in this, and Pence can’t “back out” because that would give Biden the election which would be insurrection (because of the DNI report showing fraud) so he would be included in the treason category and face military tribunal and potentially execution for knowingly subverting the election for China

if you can find a betting site for Trump staying in office on Inauguration Day, throw everything you can spare into it. the media and tech censoring this info means the betting odds are stupid like 10-20x returns because the general public thinks Biden is a guaranteed win and has no idea about any of this

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