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What's his 1/6/2021 endgame?

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Seriously. I've lost sleep over this shit for the past week. Why? Why is he like this?

1. The whole world is telling him to concede, but he laughs at their face and plays golf all day.
2. He has rallied all his supporters to come to DC on Jan 6. By my estimate, I think at least 1 million people will show up. By outrageous estimates, as much as 10 million people can show up. I've been to DC many times. I know how small it is. Even 1 million people would cripple that city.
3. Just 1 million Trump supporters in a single city while they ratify Joe Biden as President will cause HAVOC. Seriously. If you thought Floyd riots and all of the riots that proceeded it were disdainful, imagine DC filled with ONE MILLION people bugging out. Imagine one million people destroying the Capitol. What can Congress do? Declare war? Against its own people hell no. Will Trump call martial law and shoot his own supporters? I don't think so.

Jan 6 is going to be the most monumental, most historical date that rivals 7/4/1776 in history. Mark my words. One way or another, it's gonna be epic.