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WTF is going on in ITALY???!!!

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Claims of US presidential election Fraud coming form Italy.
US Embassy elements, CIA, MI6 and some MegaCorp Defense industry Czar [previously entangled with Obama admin].
Vote data routed from Frankfurt GE through Rome ITA [changed] and beamed back to Frankfurt - possible Dominion voting servers - through a fucking Military grade satellite.
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This is proper spy novel. Fits well with the Frankfurt "raid" rumors. MI6 had hands in Steel dossier against Trump.
Are we seeing Lord Rothschild [UK-MI6] long fingers?
Or the Black Nobility [mostly Italian] in general?
Pope [Jesuits] is definitely on board with Great Reset [which needs Biden for executing the plan]
Maxwell's father was on board with MI6....and Mossad.

This is a fucking SHITSTORM.