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1984 is here and we are not invited

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Old Fag here. Well we have transitioned over to a left wing fascist state. Where this goes who knows but there are several facts out there that should give any reasonable person pause. First the Democrats and others did steal the Presidential Election. Over 50% of the American people believe the theft did happen. Add that to the fact 75 million people did vote for Trump and given the magnitude of Democrat thievery the Republicans and Democrats colluding to give the Presidency to Biden does not bode well for the future. Both parties are laying the foundation for their destruction, if we are not already there. Simply put the investigations should have happened and been concluded before Biden is President. To do so is foolish. Also the American people are aware of what Antifa and BLM did this summer and not a single damn Democrat said a thing but a few boomers are retards going into Congress is the end of the world. The election was a fraud and not dealling with that and being honest with the american people and the upcoming damnation alley being constructed by the Democrats is leading to Civil War and the faggots in
Washington are simply sucking each others dick instead of being honest. Well fuck all of them. It is time to head to the hills, this reminds me of the movie Atlas Shrugged where the Beauracrats have one goal and that is to destroy the will of the American people It is time for John Gault