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The military has known about what went on in Frankfurt and Italy from day one. Trump leaving office gives more time to sort things out and take some of the sting out of this being a Trump thing. It is the military protecting the Country from a foreign conspiracy to overthrow the government and required Trump to exit the stage for now. Things will be tough enough but a lot of the truth will be out there soon enough. Tomorrow is the beginning of a new day and the Country has been subject to the Insurrection Act since last Sunday Night. This is not about Trump it is about the Chinese, Iranians and sadly Americans trying to overthrow the American Presidency. The Military will not put up with foreigners stealing our elections if the democrats had done it on their own the Military would have let it slide. But shitting on the Military with help from the CIA will well never stand. Expect the fireworks to start shortly after Trump takes off for Florida and before Biden is given the oath of office. How do I know. Well I was in Frankfurt. So kiss my ass if you can`t handle the truth and the rest of you hang on and we will have drinks tomorrow afternoon.