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I just saw this thread
No idea if the OP is LARPing but I need to make everyone aware that I was approached to. I own 120 acres of farmland near two mid-sized towns. My land sits right between the three largest towns in the county and 40 minutes for a fairly large city.

I was approached by the county Government yesterday. They offered to buy my land at market value and hinted that if I didn't sell it to them they will be coming to seize it soon. They've been trying to get me to sell it to them for a few years now. I've always refused because it has been in my family for 200 years and I'll never be able to find good land like this locally. My land has plenty of clean water and has been kept up by my family for years. It's bordered by a river and large creek on either side. Highways on the other two sides. It's basically a natural prison.

My neighbors were approached by the county Government the day before I was and given the same story. There are no plans to build a new interstate/road or new factories here. I can't think of any reason why they'd want this land other than setting up work camps.

Are there any other land owners on /pol/ that have been approached?