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Take a look at this.

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If lil joey steps in to save the muh poor kikes, then spread this shit everywhere, lets give the macron treatment to this corporate bitch.
Unless we all put a ton of public pressure on Biden, he will most likely enact some sort of legislation to help hedgefunds in situations like this.

Biden has been reformist on many issues, but Wallstreet is not one of them. Historically, he has been pretty friendly to his wallstreet donors, to the point of massively screwing over the American people at times https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KySR4Yq_B3k&t=36s

They propped him up when he was in 5th place in the primaries


Wallstreet celebrated big when Biden won the nomination,



And for the first time in history, wallstreet donated more to the democratic nominee than the republican in a presidential election, and not only more, 5x more


Many people tell me to give his new administration a chance, but so far his approach to wall street has been very anti-reformist.




So we really, really, really need to give Biden a ton of public pressure so that he has the leverage to tell his donors 'sorry, I can't, look at the outcry'