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China Blames Australian Beef for COVID-19

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>A team of 14 scientists investigating the origin of the pandemic wrapped up their month-long fact-finding mission by echoing Communist Party's assertions that 'cold-chain products' such as Australian beef, could have led to the initial outbreak.

Peter Embarek, leader of the WHO team, said further studies should be carried out into whether the virus was imported into the country - possibly on frozen meats sold at the Huanan Seafood market in Wuhan where the first cluster of cases was detected in December 2019.

WHO investigators also ruled out the possibility the virus leaked from a lab, calling it 'extremely unlikely' and declaring no further study should be undertaken into the theory.

Since then China has attempted to shift the narrative through its state-owned media mouthpieces.
>'As the mounting sporadic outbreaks in China were found to be related to imported cold-chain products, with other parts of the world, including Europe and the American continent, reportedly discovering signs of the coronavirus earlier than Wuhan,' an article in The Global Times asked in December last year.

>'It begs a new hypothesis – did the early outbreak in Wuhan originate from imported frozen food?'

Beijing imposed a litany of unofficial bans and arbitrary tariffs on billions of dollars worth of Australian exports after Canberra called for the inquiry.Six of Australia's top beef distributors were hit with blanket bans along with cotton, timbre, seafood, and coal producers.

The wine industry Down Under was hit with a crippling 212 percent tariff - contravening the two nation's 2015 Free Trade agreement - while barely growers also had an 80 percent barrier slapped on exports.

Australia is now preparing to take legal action against China at a World Trade Organisation tribunal, but the process to have the tariffs removed could take several years.