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The real problem with mRNA vaccines

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I'm trying to be as even handed as possible about evaluating the safety and effectiveness of the jab. I'll admit right away that my opinions run contrary to the media - if they say go left, I go right. That's because they are proven liars and manipulators, but that is beside the point.

Yes, it's possible the vax is sterilization, and we're watching the prequel to Children of Men, but this theory is a little too heady for most people. And yes, even if you told liberals that it was sterilization they would still take it. So what else do we have?

Well, I have a theory. The inoculation generates antibodies to a specific spike protein. The first issue that arises to my mind is that the antibodies will not be enduring due to the lack of epitopes (sites for antibodies to target) on the spike protein. The spike is just one part of the virus, so epitopes are limited and t-cell antibodies (the more enduring antibodies) response is limited. So maybe you have to get the jab more frequently, whatever, the virus still can't attach without its spikes. This leads me to the next bigger issue:

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