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Glownigger General /GN/ #2

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Hello and welcome to Glownigger General /GN/ where big brain anons can come and discuss and redpill newer anons about the glownigger problem.

Political correctness has made society lash out at those that question mainstream narratives or that investigate things that are deemed unnecessary to investigate.

A website like 4chan and specifically the board of /pol/ has accumulated like minded individuals that discuss and investigate what is considered "dangerous material". We do this under the guise of anonymity.

Our enemy that wishes to enslave the population and control everyone catalogs the people by means of registration processes which create digital identities. By associating usernames with email addresses, phone numbers, real names, addresses, device IDs etc it is easy to "cancel" anyone with a dissenting opinion.

Our greatest tool to commune and discuss - the lack of registration and universal "anonymous" username - is a safety net for us but also is our greatest weakness.

Our enemy utilizes this against us by masquerading as one of us. They attempt distract us with a myriad of topics such as they do to the general population, but even worse they attempt to propose to the general population that we are dangerous. That we are inherently evil and plotting evil deeds.

Our only crime is that we think. For this reason we need a 24/7 general where we post red pills and Infographics/screencaps and examples of glownigger/paid shill propaganda.

They have already attempted to blame us for Q despite the DAILY posts about "fuck Q, fuck the plan, just two more weeks bro".

Anybody can come here and look. The day is coming where they will reveal our indentities and try to blame us for (((Their))) posts.

/GN/ is our evidence and our defense.

Get the fuck in here and post red pills.