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>arrived at the ruins of the U.S
>Sees an old man by the side and asks a question
>"see young man, that was once the great U.S.A, the land of the free and brave. Once a certain man was elected president however, it all went to ruin and internally collapsed.
>"Look at that manuscript and see the history for thyself." Be careful, as you might not wish to see the info prescribed upon it"
>LOOK AT MY WORKS AND DESPAIR, FOR I AM THE GREAT Biden! I gave 2 trillion dollars in stimulus to the unemployed! I Raised Minimum Wage to an explosive $15 an hour! I gave money to those who were affected by racissm. But when it came to global talks with China, I always agreed with whatever they said, even if Americans were getting the Short end of the dildo. I demonized our military and the white straight men, and created Gay and Trans Rights, forcing their pronouns on everyone. I mandated a government order to eliminate them all except a few useful ones. They cheered as we lined them up and castrated them, and then shot them. We nuked 4chan as the world cheered. Alas, when North Korea nuked our countries, I told the masses to march with gay pride and kumbaya peace, but it was too late. They nuked us from orbit and destroyed us completely. They invaded our country, and we went out with not a bang, but a whimper. Oh pity me, as we denotated a suicide bomb that blew up them and us as well. At least its not Trump. Farewell, U.S.A, you were fun to ruin.
Moral of the story is, pol is based and Biden is a commiefag, and the left needs to perish. Kek. fook trannies.