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Remember: Phase 1

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The Chinese Communist Party intentionally released the Chinese virus. They calculated significant losses in China but this was deemed as acceptable given their assessment regarding losses in the west and the likelihood of Trump being defeated in the 2020 Presidential election as a result of the pandemic. The Chinese and the deep state wanted Biden to win just for different reasons. Trump in a second term would have neutered the CIA and returned America to more of an America first international policy that meant a closer realignment with the America`s and removal of major U.S. involvement in the middle east. The deep state, preferred Joe Biden as President. China`s actions were known in Western Intelligence circles in 2020 but was not shared with the President because it fit in with the goals of the deep state, the being to get rid of Trump because of his planned disengagement in Syria, Afghanistan, and generally increasing American presence in the Americas and the removal of the American Military from endless wars. In this sense the goals of the Military and the intelligence community aligned perfectly with the goals of the Democrat Party. Elements of the Democrat Party worked with China and the CIA to defeat Trump. China printed millions of fake ballots that were distributed in key swing states and the CIA worked with Dominion to switch votes in Frankfurt and other European locations. Once the election was stolen the MSM was brought into play to down play any information regarding voter fraud. Now several months later the media affiliate of the deep state including Facebook, Twitter, and the obvious players in the media have made any discussion of the stolen election a indicator of treason. The planning and execution of the plan was superb but now the parties are starting to move on each other and the Chinese are moving ahead with their long term plans to annex Taiwan and release several mutations in the West. Phase 2 War and Depression.