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Divide et Impera: Twitter Rage Edition

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Since the #HashtagWars are in full swing, here's one for some divide and conquer: "White enough".

Target this hashtag at Latinas, East Asians, and light-skinned women in general, accusing them of being "white enough" to benefit from "white privilege". Here are some ideas:

>Point out that light-skinned/European Hispanics are the upper class and dominate Latin America
>Light-skinned Indians have higher castes and have disproportionate power and control in Indian society
>Hitler himself declares that East Asians were honorary whites
>Europeanized Turks dominated large swathes of Asia and Africa despite being Muslim, and they also enslaved blacks

And the most damning one:
>privileged cisgendered heterosexual white men have no problem dating light-skinned Indians/Arabs/Latinas/East Asians, but almost NEVER date women who couldn't "pass for white".

Don't worry about factual accuracy or historical truth, because that's not the purpose. The purpose is to hammer these points over and over again and drive wedges into the "POC/WOC Bloc", and claim that the target populations are "white enough" to be the oppressors.

>Pic related: the poster child of the "white enough" movement: Oona Chaplain, granddaughter and curry-child of Charlie Chaplain