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Please take this warning.
The globohomos are going to kill you. Many of you. Very soon.
As many of you already know, the globohomos have a rule.
That they must tell you their evil plans before acting upon them. If you do nothing then they feel they are absolved of all guilt, assuming you did nothing because you are okay with it therefore you only have yourself to blame. But it is a rule nonetheless. They HAVE to warn you.
With that being said the globohomos are planning a nuclear attack on US citizens.
They (through Nato) are going to push and ALLOW the Russian military to bomb MANY western countries.
Russia WILL invade Ukraine.
Nato WILL step in.
This WILL involve America and most of Europe.
The russian WILL retaliate for this intervention through the bombing of many western countries.
And the globohomos will ALLOW them to land.
They will allow them for many reasons including:
>population control
but most importantly
>to horrify every country and citizen in the world
This is
>9/11 2.0
They are sacrificing their white goyim, just like in 9/11 to further their world domination agenda.
They are going to sacrifice us to convince the world to give up their rights.
When every country in the world sees the horror that is about to happen, there will be agreements made with every country in the world to abandon nuclear weapons for good. Every country in the world WILL join a new world order.
Biden is DRIVING us toward war.
The US military’s eastern command just raised their threat level to their highest level “potential-crisis-immanent”
This video was created under the lie that:
>It was created by a company called Benchmarking Assessment Group as a psychometric test for their clients to see how they'd react in a disaster scenario.
This is a lie. This video only exists to meet their occult laws.