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John Titor intentionally fudged the timeline numbers so as to not mess with the current timeline

lets look at the events that take place in john titors world
>Highly contested election
>Cities VS rural people
>Attempts at gun confiscation
>mass civil unrest
>Civil war breaks out between the urban centers and rural people
>China takes Taiwan and starts staging troops in mexico
>Russia attacks alaska and also stages troops in mexico
>Once China/Russia make their move a thermonuclear exchange is started
>China is completely destroyed
>Russian urban centers completely destroyed
>US urban centers are demolished
>years and years of confusion and darkness
>governments begin to form again
>USA has five presidents representing five regions that convene in omaha nebraska to direct the entire nation as a whole
>Russia begins rebuilding
>Russian/USA alliance post nukes
>Water scarcity and radioactive contamination is biggest threat

YFW you realized John Titor was fucking real and only fucked with the numbers