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How do African Americans get approved for credit loans if they never pay off their debts?

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My wife is a stay at home mum and when she was 16 (almost 20 years ago) she ordered some furniture from Freemans mail order catalogue and didn't pay for it, she moved without telling them her address. This amounted to about £350. They stopped asking for it about 6 years ago and it is now statute barred. To this day she can not get a single application for credit approved and that's the only thing like that she's ever used. Anything we want with credit has to be put on my name as they reject her every single time. I

On /pol/ we are told by Americans "niggers don't pay for shit, they lease their shit, make the first month, then the repo man comes", "lol you think niggers pay for anything? they borrow all that shit on credit, then go to jail and never pay it off", "it's all on finance which niggers bail on after the first few months"

So how do they keep getting approved for cars, designer belts, holidays and all these other things then? In America you're allowed to flee from debts and they just leave you alone and give you more credit? When African-Americans apply for these car loans does the person doing the application not ask about all the arrears they have? In the UK i've known people that were chased down and even taken to court for 60p in council tax lol. They don't just leave you stress free if you owe money and you definitely can't keep getting loans and finance.