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Vaccinated Assholes Responsible for the Rise in Cases

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The CDC fucked up in telling the normies they can go without masks -- now they are trying to undo that and tell them to put the masks on. Comedy

Blaming the unvaccinated for the actions of the vaccinated is pure DNC-propaganda bullshit. Or as Psaki likes to call it dis-info.

The cases didn't just magically start to rise because people didn't get vaccinated (as the entire DNC Media Cabal would have you believe), cases rose again because the CDC buckled to pressure and allowed people to take off the masks and "get back to normal".

How to change my mind and prove me wrong?
CA = requiring masks again "based upon the science"
DC = still not requiring masks "based upon the science"

What fucking science? West Coast vs East Coast Science?

One or both of them are lying.

Pic related is tens of thousands of unmasked vaccinated assholes in Los Angeles last month.