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GET IN HERE - Secret World leader here - Drusilla cuts fingers from satanics Edition

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secret world leader anon here

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i'm displeased with this site, you can read that in this thread. i made this thread for a different time and because i created a goodbye track for this site and the satanics leading this place.

drusilla foer did cut someones finger like 3 hours ago. he sucked his dick, fucked his ass and then tornmented him. the satanics are falling apart, jurisdirection is coming and they are maltreat each other. they eather don't have a connection to the satanics pushing the corruption or lost their minds completely. they are framed since long, drusilla knows it. he wanted to push a wave of indignation amongst the satanics so he can spy on peoples lives. nearly noone reacted, noone cares about the satanics sacrificing themselfes. they all agree in some way or other and inprison each other, drusilla said the satanic agreed to doing that, he was screaming for help. i don't care, it's just a huge showcase of their insane system and being. he was hurt like a little bitch when noone cared.


look into this