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It is all about the paper/The Chinese Military buys America Red Dawn

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It is all about the paper.

The Chinese Communist Party has been attempting to buy the world over the last 20 years using counterfeit American Dollars. The currency is produced in special facilities in China and it is impossible to tell the difference between these counterfeits and the real thing. Their efforts have been successful and now they have flooded the world with worthless dollars and have used those dollars to buy so many assets that when the American currency collapses it will be impossible to even understand the magnitude of the Chinese efforts given the total collapse of the West. Basically the Chinese are playing a no losing campaign. They gradually buy up everything using counterfeit currency and the coming collapse will be blamed on the Americans and they will literally be left owning many assets all over the world. One of their main efforts is the use of Chinese military personal buying American land with counterfeit currency and injecting this currency into the world wide system while they take possession of trillions of dollars of American land for nothing. In addition the facilities creating the fake currency was also used to create millions of fake ballots that were used in the American Presidential election to ensure the election of Joe Biden, who they believe will accelerate the collapse of the west as they continue to buy everything with worthless currency. Another major effort of the party was to purchase Canadian real estate and land. The purpose being to be on the ground with major assets in Canada that will be controlled by Chinese military assets after the collapse. This will facilitate their inroads in North America and put an enemy on the northern border of the United States. And all was accomplished with worthless paper and a printing method that is not detectable except for one tiny flaw that has never been caught.