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The Biggest Redpills I Can Give You To Set You Free Anon...

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>Redpill #1 The Astral Planes

Forget about religious books if you are reading them right now. Making learning to astral project your new priority. You will realize there is a life beyond the body, a world beyond the material, and all through PERSONAL EXPERIENCE. You will stop fearing death, you will stop fearing hell, and you will finally be free from the anxiety that false paradigms of corrupted religion and materialist reductionism impose. Nobody will be able to scare you with bullshit about death being personal annihilation or about an arbitrary hell.

Want to learn more about this? Read books of Robert Bruce and William Walker Atkinson.

>Redpill #2 The Five Percent

Only 5% of the population is self-aware. The rest are biological automatons aka NPCs who appear to be aware outwardly but there is nothing behind the eyes. These are the background characters that are necessary to make the world stage function properly. When they die, they die forever, because there is nothing eternal in them. They are morally irrelevant and not under any kind of spiritual protection so they are actually subjected to random chance in a way the spirited are not. If you are aware of your own existence, if you know that you are alive, you are a spirited human. It is possible to discern who is an actual spirited human and who is just an NPC and this knowledge will help you very much because the NPCs can be easily controlled by simple thoughtforms and the spiritual dynamics regarding NPCs are very different, and you will know not to throw your pearls at them, because they are morally and spiritually irrelevant the same way animals and robots are.

Want to learn more about this? Read Collin Wilson "The Occult" and Tom Montalk - montalk.net.

All these truths you can verify for yourself through actual experience and once you know there's no going back to ignorance. The reason we are so badly enslaved today is because people don't know they are eternal beings living in eternity right now.