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Just got into a fist fight with my sister's fiance over Afghanistan.

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We were all at my grandparents' house talking politics and drinking out front near the street. The guy is an ex marine and 2 years older than me. He had no problem with the racial remarks towards blacks or Hispanics, but the instant we brought up Israel and Afghanistan all hell broke lose. I didn't even want to argue with him. I was just trying to find common ground to wake him up. But then I got a little mad, plus I was buzzed, and I said,
>dude you act like such hardasses yet you lost to a bunch of malnourished goat herders that can't even afford shoes. Most of them are still using standard issue bolt action rifles from the first world war
Now he's in my face screaming in the street shoving me a little in front of everyone.
>say it again pussy (he said this a dozen times)
>youre a traitor
>disrespect my flag again
>I lost 3 brothers over there blah blah blah
>you don't know shit about war blah blah
Then he puts his drink down and calls all of us "brainwashed civilians", whatever that means.
He's a 5'10 manlet but he's muscular. But unlike him I actually did mma, mainly boxing. He's literally taking drunken swings at me as I'm blocking or dodging everything. I just kept telling him that I'm not fighting you, we're family. I lightly slapped him behind the ear which made him fall over. Then my sister comes out screaming at me like it's my fault. They left 10 minutes after it happened.
My uncle was standing there the whole time and didn't even try to break it up. He's was just standing there laughing and smoking cigarettes. We're all still here drinking now.
What is it with these military drones ready to take your head off over a mere opinion, even at a family setting?