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In many states you have a right to file a religious exemption to a COVID-19 injection mandate. Mine was just approved so let me share what I did to accomplish this. My state has laws that allow for religious exemptions with minimal clarification. You must describe your religion as "Born Again Christian." The catholic church is a den of pedophiles and vipers so they are telling people it is ok to take the vaccine. Orthodox has specific statutes in point XII 7 of the Social Life Document that provide exemption, but if you are Catholic, as I am, claim to be "Born-Again" because you will not be subjected to Bergoglio's bullshit. You must object to the injection based on the fact that they were PROTEIN TESTED using abortion derived cell-lines. It is important that you do not say that the injections contain fetal cells, because this is not exactly true. See picrel for more information. You may be subjected to weekly testing but it is likely that the University will only splurge for the spit test because that is more cost-effective. If you have a state with laws confirming religious exemptions, then you are most likely to be granted this exemption because they open themselves to lawsuit if they harass you over this. Look up your state laws and know your rights.