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Look Anons. Not even trying to start some bullshit WWIII-esque shitposting, but is there any real proof that God exists other than some shitty book that claims the Earth is flat every other page? Aliens exist, with almost irrefutable proof at this point, but wouldn't that make more than half the Bible contradictory? I'd love to believe there is a man in the clouds watching over us, but why would videos like Funky Town ever be a righteous thing for God to be able to allow happen? Why is there so many miserable people who shoot up malls and elementary schools? Help me. I'm losing faith more and more everyday to the point where it's just retarded to even imagine this a credible theory of our existence.
Don't even try me with this goyim shit, I hate Jews, I hate blacks, I hate asians, I hate kikes, jannies, globohomo, etc.etc.etc. I'm not retarded enough to believe all these interpretations of "Gods/Allahs/bigmans" are different Gods. I'm just eager to know the truth.