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Ivermectin - wonder drug

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Frens, i know why they supress IVE so much. It helps with cancer.

Soon many will ask what mechanism relates Ivermectin to a VIRUS
Soon many will ask what system in biology relates an anti-parasitic to COVID
Soon many will ask WHY such data was never stumbled on before, or if it was
Then many will ask how it was never "noticed"
Then many will ask why they hid such a simple method right in front of our faces
Then they will ask why many needlessly suffered in hospitals with archaic "treatment"
Then they will ask that these treatments are not available
Then they will be made widely available
Then they will ask why certain CANCER rates are dropping
Then they will ask how cancer and parasites and viruses and vaccines are related
THEN we will marvel at what monoclonal antibodies can do
Then people will start asking serious questions about the entire lies about the mechanism of health