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Taiwan will be China's Afghanistan.

I know there are a lot of sino/CCP-shills on here. Let me just tell you what you're in for: you're looking at heavy urban combat with a population of 22 million that has been trained for the past 60 years to hate you and hate your commie guts. Then you have the heavily mountainous countryside, which cannot be navigated once they blow up all of the bridges and passes. To the south, you have thick tropical jungles. This is basically Afghanistan, Vietnam, Iraq, Teutoburg Forest (they got a heavy pine forest too, whatdya know), packaged all in one. And that's assuming they get past the straight/sea which separates them, which has its own set of fortifications as well. It's the perfect recipe for disaster and China would be begging for one if they try a blitzkrieg even with their entire army on this little geographical nightmare or a scenario.