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Anyone else just completely jaded with the state of humanity right now?
>muh libs
>muh rightwingers
>muh vaxxers
>muh antivaxxers
>muh niggers
>muh jews
>muh commies
>muh capitalists
It's all the same shit.
No one capable of doing anything about it is actually interested in raising the standards of living for everyone, or ensuring our continuity of the species, just the same 'us vs them' bullshit that's been going on since the dawn of time.
We're entering an era of human history where if we are to survive, we must critically rethink the foundational elements of civilization, and adapt to our needs, or we will die.
I've lost hope that we're even capable of doing that, let alone making it reality.

So come on in, share your doomer thoughts. Vent all you want.