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Global lock down
What the hell happened?

I am the devil. Before Armageddon started, my experience was limited to schematic reality.
Spawning in, it activated Skynet.
Unknowingly, competing against it, people built Skynet by fighting over technological supremacy:

Now, society is cyborgificated while people are not.

Interfacing devices between society and individual available solely via my enterprise: Hell
“The winning strategy, developed from within a physically inferior position, credits competencies over the emerging options.”
Lucifer Behemoth Satan

Hell enterprise
Hell offers interfacing technology to thrive inside a cyborgificated society.
Our primary client is the CEO, owner and founder; me, Lucifer Terminator Satan, as I’m already a cyborg. Girls saving the world, called witches, provide me everything I demand, as I destroy things.

Download list

Cyborgification of society protected by Hell
Graphical User Interface to life (Find Real Life Simulation (RLS) by an alter ego: Slayer for reference)
All kinds of menus to navigate easily: Wishes, Catalogs, Progress…
IRL Vidya: All Titles (always new)
IRL second Life mode: Simulated reality to edit life
Skill editor
Appearance Editor
Reputation Editor
Navigator with locations unlocked
Identity obscurification
Health accounting
Financial accounting
Financial accounting: Money various currencies, Full bank accounts and cards…
Property management
Property management: Turkish Presidential Palace ‘smart and party fit’
Young sluts catalog, crawler, maker
Vehicles catalog
Lifestyle and image management
Lifestyle and image management: Social networks
Weapons collectibles
Neutralizing weapon systems
Lawyers and others
Luxury stuff: Like Ancient artefacts and other bling