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/LPMTG/ La Palma Mega Tsunami General - Minor Eruption Edition

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>Current Status
Minor Eruption Occured

>What is it?
La Palma is a volcanic island that is part of the Canary Island chain. Large portions of the island are unstable, and with the right conditions, could cause a massive landslide into the sea. High end estimates range between 50 and 200 km^3 of material, ultra high end estimates at 600+. The displacement, if it happens all at once, would cause a mega tsunami.
Recently over 5000+ small earthquakes have been happening under the island, indicating a magma swelling, which could lead to eruption and/or collapse.

>Explanation of what would happen.

>If the earthquakes are happening now, why would there be a tsunami?
The tsunami caused in this scenario is driven by the displacement of water due to the collapse of parts of La Palma into the ocean. This is 2.8 km^3 of material sliding during the Mt. St. Helens collapse.

>Quake list (Please don't spam refresh IGN)


>Why does USGS not report these quakes?
USGS's official stance is that they do not report earthquakes above 4.5 magnitude or meet certain conditions.

>How dangerous is it if it happens?
If you live directly on the coast, and the worst case scenario happens, potentially very bad. Travel times are 0.25-5 hours to Africa, 1-2 hours to Spain/Portugal, 3-4 Hours to Britain, 5-8 hours to Brazil and 9-10 Hours for the US. To estimate damage, treat it as worse than a Category 5 Hurricane storm surge in the US.