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Homosexuality is caused by parasites

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Let’s take a look at my hypothesis for homosexuality. Right off the bat, there is no genetic incentive for homosexuality. It breeds itself right out of existence. Psychology tries to find ways to defend it as some sort of social mechanism, but this again runs into the brick wall of it going extinct almost instantly on evolutionary timescales. I do think, however, there is another explanation for homosexuality.
Yes, parasites. Take for example toxoplasma Gondi. When it infects rodents, it alters their behavior to make them more likely to be eaten by cats, where toxoplasma Gondi can then reproduce. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Toxoplasma_gondii

Homosexuals have an astoundingly high rate of infection by parasites. According to the national institute of health, 70% of all homosexual men are infected with intestinal parasites, as opposed to only 10% of straight men. https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/7437971/

This astoundingly high rate of infection by parasites might then explain why homosexuals have such an increased urge to fornicate. These intestinal parasites always need new hosts. Without a viable vector of transmission, the parasite dies. The incredibly high rate of parasitic infection amongst the homosexual population explains why they are so sexually degenerate. Their behavior is being altered in much the same way as the rat’s behavior is altered by toxoplasma Gondi in order to allow to parasite to survive.

This would also explain why the media is freaking out about ivermectin. Ivermectin is potentially the most effective parasite removing drug available. An anecdotal case in my family gives me strong suspicion that ivermectin might actually be a cure for homosexuality. My cousin was a homosexual, until he was prescribed ivermectin for covid. After taking ivermectin, he filled a toilet bowl with intestinal worms. Shortly thereafter, he lost all attraction to men, and found women sexually attractive. He was repulsed by his previous nature.