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Arizona Audit General - One more time edition

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>Audit results: Friday, September 24th at 1 PM (MST) on the Arizona Senate floor.

>AZ State Senate requested full forensic audit of Maricopa County, one of the 5 biggest counties in the whole USA
>For the last few months hundreds of volunteers, election and cyber experts have been auditing over 2 million votes from Maricopa county
>In late June first part of the audit finished and since then Cyber Ninjas and their outsourced associates have been writing 4 volume report that will come out tomorrow (9/24 2021)
>Preliminary results, presented to Senate in July (link down bellow*), already showed more than 100 000 invalid ballots
>Full report will probably show even more fraud, proving that "election conspiracy theory" is "election conspiracy fact"

Proof that fraud happened in 15 minutes (older video):

Presentation of the Maricopa County Election Audit Live Feed:

Accounts to follow:

Consortium of evidence of fraud:

More evidence of fraud from PhD Peter Navarro:

The real majority voted Trump. The fraud is that bad:
Trump: 80+ million
Biden 62~66 million (maybe even less)

Autist mathematician proves fraud in Arizona:

*AZ Senate Officials Provide Update on Maricopa County 2020 Audit (preliminary results):

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