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The SolarWinds Hack was just Proven to be run by the CIA to take the election

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Let me take you back in time..

>December 2019: the group behind the malware attack began their operation of setting up a command and control server over the SolarWinds-Orion software. The attackers hosted these servers on commercial cloud databases including Amazon. This primary operation happened between December of 2019 to February of 2020

>Maricopa audit just released server logs of the machines accessing a URL compromised by the hack. Not only did the server connect to the web, it accessed a URL to RUN A COMPROMISED SCRIPT OVER ORION

****foxnews.com/static/ORION/SCRIPTS/CORE *****

>The audit revealed the last virus update to the machines occurred in August of 2019. One month before the hackers infiltrated the version of Microsoft that enabled the hack. The machines were never updated again
>Be December 2020 (one month after election), a CIA run company called FireEye declared they had been attacked by a hack in SolarWinds Orion that has since been dubbed "SunBurst"

FireEye has repeatedly declared they are not a CIA operation. Weird they have to clarify that:


>FBI announces a few days later that they located the hacking group and end the threat. So, the hack was active for a year and finally found after the election. They blamed Russia

Odd the web server accessed over Orion was foxnews.. almost like the feds wanted to gay op the world to declare a Russia and Trump election hack 2.0