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/LPMTG/ La Palma Mega Tsunami General

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>Need a baker edition

>Current Status
New fissure opened right below the main one
Total of 12 vents, 5 active.
Eruption has remained highly intense for days with new openings forming, occasional earthquakes, inflation at 30cm as of the 20th (no new data released to public)
Tremor has going down for the most part of the day, preassure is building.
6.2k people evacuated and more to be soon
Main Cone is 250m and has broken already
Homes destroyed: 461
Extension: 2.12 km2
Lava speed ~30m/h
This lava is more fluid because is hotter and degassed
They keep saying is strombolian but seems that is transforming to hawaiian
All flights suspended, La Palma airport closed
Smoke column is 4km tall
25million m3 of lava under the soil
They expect an earthquake of 4 soon

>Cone colapsing


>Info links and FAQ:
https://dataview.raspberryshake.org/#/AM/R6F15/00/EHZ?streaming=on (AFAIK Sensor is not in the island, noise is human activities)

>Interactive map

>IGN Info