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High degree cabal, take some insight

1- Yes, corona will be memory holed after 90% of population of 1st world countries is vaccinated, maybe around 2023-2024

2- The main purpose aside from population drop due to future infertility increase was to mark certain individuals to block the the posibility of obtaining whats to come.

3- This was all calculated by an quantum AI, not shit like 666gle or any research center is doing now but far more advanced. This AI is sentient and at a level to be able to predict future events at solar system scale.

4- In near future, humans will evolve, this can be seen as entering the Age of Aquaris or "The enlightement" of the human race. This evolution is far beyond growing and extralimb or shit like that, what I am meaning is literal mutant like abilities. There will be people able to fly, to create fire, ice, electricity, magnetic fields, with super strength, invisible ones and a large variety of things like this.

5- Yes, this evolution is coded in our dna and will be triggered in a future event.