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Anti Shill Awareness Post General 6

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Welcome to the anti shill awareness post general. This is a collection of tactics shill individuals use to try to counter individuals who are fighting for their liberty and spreading the truth on internet communities.
Feel free to share and edit that post as you want.
First of all, know that all the data that circulates on Chan websites goes to the American intelligence agencies (probably). They store it.
1- Posting nonsense, meaningless, disingenuous content: The aim is to make the group lose its focus by sending messages that do not contribute with anything to the community. These may appear organic and written in the language of the users of the target community, but they are vague and devoid of meaningful content. This is a form of spam designed to render the chans uninteresting and make users disengaged from the community.

2- Cognitive dissonance: Consists of posting text alongside an image that is unrelated to the text (or two or more unrelated things). For example, you make a post asking about vaccines, and then someone replies with a link of the FDA website along with a photo of a Japanese woman containing a quote from a german book. These may appear to be an attempt to look intelligent but are simply designed to waste your time and make you ponder on a generally meaningless set of information.
Since people naturally try and draw connections between different bits of information, making these deliberately contradictory or dissonant posts lead to a state of alteration in one's perception of reality named after cognitive dissonance.