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Ukraine general

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>East Ukraine crisis cannot be resolved by military methods alone - Poroshenko


top fucking kek. the whore is trying to please..

>unconfirmed news that ukrainian army is digging defense lines to the north of Mariupol. they want to stop rebels there.

>The State Border Service of Ukraine has reported that Ukrainian border guards and customs officers did not clear Russian humanitarian aid as of 0700 on Thursday.

one of border soldiers just told plain "its late, we are closing also need more papers"


minister for economy and development in Ukraine resigned from his position.


Ukraine right sector is busy with destruction of ukrainian history. Mariupol is now ordered to destroy all statues of Lenin.


In Kiev training for a parade on 24.


rebels created their own speznas. first victories

11-11 As a result of the success of special forces RU MO DNR raid, captured intelligence chief Col. 8 AK BCU Bezyazykov and commander of deep reconnaissance company Captain Mandazhi 54 ORB. Both are still psychologically and morally shocked by the fact that it turns out they are not the coolest in this life and the realization that the militia DNR has effectively acting speznas. no casualties.

uncorfirmed report from Harkyv(i think that's some couch general bloger hoax): partisans in Harkyv stormed a convoy of ukies and used their Grad launchers to destroy another one which was following.

today administration court in Kiev will open the case against all ukrainian Communists party members