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We are living in the end times

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The one world government will be set soon, people who don't comply with the luciferian government's demands will be ostracized from society. Today they take almost everything away from you for not wanting to submit to their social experiment/depopulation/gene editing/blood tainting project. Then in the future, your ID/QR code will not be valid unless you abandon religion or partake in any act of worship to the false god of the one world religion in the one world government. They have been planning this thing since WW2 ended. We will be nothing, we will own nothing, we will be seen as the "idiots" and "conspiracy theorists" by the NPC masses who will adapt to anything the tyrants dictate and defend it as the absolute and unquestionable "good". Mentally prepare yourself to accept death before betraying God so you can be ressurected in a perfect world instead of being the bitch of the luciferians just to have the right to eat a piece of bread.