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Zionism is good

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Zionism is an implication of nationalism so all nationalists are also zionists. Hitler was a zionist. Mussolini was a zionist. Donald trump is a zionist. All the great white men in history have been zionists since they understand that the proper place for jews is in israel and not in other white countries.

I know what you're thinking:
>but anon you're a jew
not an argument
>but anon judaism is bad; jews are evil!
zionism is good even if judaism is bad

Consider your thoughts:
>Anon we should gas the jews instead
This won't work. All you will end up doing is convincing the international community that you represent a genocidal force in the world.... and they will come to strike you down. You will empower the jew by playing into his victim complex. Remember, even if you managed to overthrow the jewry in your own country, the international jewry still control the global media. Therefore it will be easy for them to turn the world against you.
However, if instead you decide to send the jews to israel.... israel will gladly accept them. Nationalist jews will say that it is a good thing. It will be a totally humane process that does not represent any kind of evil genocidal force.... but instead represents a life affirming force for good in the world. After all, the jews belong in israel.

Therefore even if the jews are bad, the best way to defeat the international jewry is for nations to embrace strong nationalism and extirpate the jews to israel. This was hitler's plan however the international jewry along with other historical circumstances made it so that he could not complete this plan.

The plan is eminently moral and serves the interests of all parties involved. There is no reason not to embrace zionism EXCEPT if you're a muslim who doesn't care about white countries and just wants some piece of dirt in the desert. True opposition to judaism implies nationalism and zionism.