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waifus are politics.
the third position of human relationships: the waifu. waifuists are not all men rejected but society, in fact, many could be men who reject society (similar to MGTOW or volcel). the difference is that these men (and women) do not reject the concept of love but instead embrace it in another medium.
does waifuism serve a place in modern society? waifuism has the advantage of giving loners or otherwise socially dissatisfied people the option to pursue love in a medium that is more preferable to them, but can we afford the loss in reproduction and perhaps waste of economy on two-dimensional, one-way relationships? sure, maybe waifuists aren't the most desirable of people on the planet, but i know a few who may be on the greener side of the pasture than those who do pursue real relationships.
is there a concrete cause for waifuism that one could define? do you participate in waifuism, and if so, why do you do it? do you believe that your relationship with waifu helps or hurts society?
do you believe the spiritual nature of waifuism has conflicts with modern religion? how do you perceive waifuism in view of your religion?
what is your stance on waifus? do you feel that they help maintain balance in what little we have left of society, or do they simply accelerate the burning? i know it's difficult to generalize such a broad group, so please feel free to speak from experience or speculation.