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In today's experiment, M'ithra is adhering strictly to a Eulerian path. This means that within any given set of points, he can only use each edge once, and each edge must also form an even vertex must have an even degree. It has to follow along the same vertex.

So M'ithra is bound to interact in our universe in a particularly weird set of rules: he can go anywhere, but he can't double back to anywhere. He cannot cross over any line of movement where he has previously walked. And every turn he makes has to be at an even degree, specifically it has to be a turn with same degrees as every other turn he makes. So once M'ithra chooses an angle today (be it 45, 90, or 135 degrees), he must remain only able to make turns at that angle.

So here is my challenge to you: what is the optimal degree of vertex to maximize M'ithra's movement? He can only pick on angle, so which vertex gives him the most efficient means to move through our realm?